Coke has the juice to compete
Coca-cola unveiles world's first drink dispenser that is also a sophisticated marketing device.
From joysticks to M16s
The U.S. Army is organizing video-game parties as part of its recruitment strategy.
Yes dear, their brains are different than ours
Research shows Republican brains are different from Democrats' (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Ad wars
Bypassing ads with your TiVo? Maybe not for long. What's that slouching toward your tv? Embedded Advertising

Buying decisions made emotionally

This is your brain deciding: Scans of the human brain making a decision have intriguing implications for selling products.

Do you still believe buying decisions are based upon a rational, by-the-numbers approach? Maybe it's time you changed your thinking. Brain scans of test subjects indicate that emotion is the deciding factor in all personal purchase decisions. {read more}

Do your customer research at the newstand
Financial service companies can give customers a reason to stick
Improve email response
Buying decisions are made emotionally: implications
Case study: from free to fee

Customer-centricity 101
How are you measuring customers?
What to spend to acquire a customer?

Grey Matters
The Tipping Point
The Age of Spiritual Machines
The Influencials
The Engaged Customer
The Inmates are Running the Asylum

Marketing Game
Are you a genius marketer or a dufffer? Test your marketing skills with this marketing IQ test